Sam Burgess’ ex-wife reveals massive club cover-up and ugly secrets

Sam Burgess has recently been thrust ever further into the public eye after winning the SAS Australia reality TV show.

However, not only has that meant that Burgess’ past has been thrust ever more clearly into the limelight, it also means that his ex-wife’s has too.

And, following a period of silence whilst the show has been televised, Phoebe Burgess has now spoken out in an incredibly honest interview with The Australian.

“I live every day as though I have been through a loss. I loved him dearly. I miss him so much,” Phoebe said.

“But he wasn’t handled. He wasn’t looked after. He wasn’t protected in the right way, in the way that may have – not saved our marriage, but it might have led to a true rehabilitation, a true sense of responsibility, owning behaviour, wanting to change that behaviour.

“Instead of what I’m seeing, disappointingly, being a careful edit, a carefully curated comeback show.”

The NRL has been plagued in recent times with problems of sex-tape scandals, rape allegations as well as cheating issues in COVID bubbles and Phoebe Burgess reveals how scary it is for women in this day and age.

“We roll our eyes whenever we see a scandal in the papers. I know the formula. News breaks. Player goes into hiding. Player comes out and says sorry to everyone. I could run the show, the amount of conversations I’ve sat in on, the amount of strategies, you know, deciding how we’re going to paint this, what we’re going to make this look like.

“Not only are you not helping someone who might actually be able to turn their life around, who could get off the drugs, who could stop the womanising, and when I say womanising, treating women like cattle, for goodness sake, when I see that happening, I think: imagine if you put the energy from rehabilitating an image into rehabilitating a man.”

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