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Rob Burrow MND Care Centre takes huge strides towards opening

Kevin Sinfield is currently six days in to his epic ‘Seven in Seven in Seven’ challenge with the ex-Leeds Rhinos captain raising huge awareness and funds for Motor Neurone Disease, motivated by his former teammate Rob Burrow.

Sinfield has done a number of challenges prior to this one but in the wet, windy and wintery conditions this has surely been his most challenging. Each and every day he and his team have completed an ultra-marathon in a different city, with today marking day six in Brighton.

The efforts are all in aid of combatting Motor Neurone Disease, the condition that former Rhino Rob Burrow was diagnosed with in December 2019 with all the funds going towards MND charities.

Sinfield has previously raised millions and that has helped the MND community massively but has also triggered the plans and building of the Rob Burrow Centre for Motor Neurone Disease, a new facility being built in Leeds.

The progress in building that centre which will provide help for plenty of MND sufferers in the region has been positive with Burrow’s father Geoff taking to social media to confirm major developments.

Geoff Burrow said on X: “We had an absolutely fantastic meeting earlier today to learn that the Rob Burrow MND Care Centre has moved a massive step forward towards opening.

“The Centre will be for ALL MND sufferers and families.”

Geoff had attended alongside son Rob and his wife Lindsey, heading to Leeds Hospitals Charity to get an update on the development and they spoke on how important the centre will be.

In a video posted on Leeds Hospitals Charity’s X page, Lindsey explained: “Hi, it’s Rob and his family here. We’ve been here this morning to look at the architects design for the new MND care centre. It’s been an absolute privilege to be here and see the centre visually come to life and think about how that will be for the MND community.

“To be here and have an input into the vision for the centre and what it will be like inside has been really special. It’s been a productive and a really enjoyable morning.”

Geoff added: “As Lindsey says it’s been a massive step forward today in the future opening of the Rob Burrow MND care centre which will be for all MND sufferers and families. It will hopefully be one of many throughout the country in time to come.”

At present the centre is funded by donations with a page to donate available here, but the efforts of Sinfield and his team also contribute to MND charities including the Rob Burrow Centre for MND with information available here too.

Currently Sinfield has raised £477,000 of the £777,777 target on his epic challenge, with just one more day to go.

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