RFL responds to Government’s ‘Winter Survival Package’

The RFL have thanked the UK Government for their support after accepting an additional £12million loan as part of the ‘Sport Winter Survival Package’.

The amounts distributed to each sport, as listed below, represents the impact that the absence of spectators will have throughout the winter months.

With the 2020 Super League season three games away from finishing and confirmation that next season’s start will be delayed, sports that play through the winter such as rugby union and football have been given greater funding as they continue to compete.

It is the second loan given to rugby league by the Government, following the £16m sum the sport received back in May.

RFL chief executive Ralph Rimmer said: “We are grateful to Government for recognising the importance of sport in general, and rugby league in particular, to society and the economy, and for understanding the impact of the continuing absence of spectators.

“The Government showed in granting rugby league an initial £16m loan in the spring that they valued the significant social impact of the sport in often disadvantaged communities.

“The RFL and our clubs followed a rigorous process in the distribution of those loans, which have now been allocated to all 10 of the UK-based Super League clubs as well as a number in Championship and League 1, and have been invaluable in allowing them to meet the continued challenges of 2020.

“The response of the players, the clubs and the sport’s partners this year has been remarkable. We have enjoyed a wonderful Coral Challenge Cup Final and we now look forward to the Betfred Super League semi-finals and Grand Final.

“The extended loan facility is extremely welcome as we plan for a strong 2021 and the return of all our competitions – culminating in hosting three World Cups (Men, Women and Wheelchair) next October and November.

“Rugby league would rather earn every pound than borrow one. Therefore, we now need a clear roadmap on the phased return of spectators, with the resumption of the sports pilot programme and the plans to safely introduce at first limited then larger crowds.”

Distribution of loans from UK Government’s ‘Sports Winter Survival Package’:

Rugby Union – £135m

Horseracing – £40m

Football – £28m

Rugby League – £12m

Motorsport – £6m

Tennis – £5m

Netball – £4m

Basketball – £4m

Ice Hockey – £4m

Badminton – £2m

Greyhound racing – £1m

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