Peters reveals worrying aspect of Batchelor injury but says he’s “in a decent way”

Despite the rivalry in any sport, a lot of focus from every supporter in rugby league right now is on James Batchelor.

The Hull KR star went down after a tackle and didn’t move for a very long period.

He was then stretchered off with ambulance crew coming to his aid.

He went to hospital but was once again talking.

Jenna Brooks of Sky Sports has since confirmed that he has been cleared of his scans and is meeting back with the squad.

But Hull KR Willie Peters has revealed why it was so worrying for the Robins.

He revealed that Batchelor momentarily lost feeling in his body after the tackle.

He said:

“I think initially he had no feeling and then that feeling started to come back so he’s gone to hospital as far as I know it’s precautionary, from what I know he’s in a decent way at the moment but I can’t give you too much because I’m not sure.

“He was good I didn’t personally see him but when I went in half time I spoke to the medical team and they said he was good, he was in good spirits but it was more so precautionary with the symptoms that he gave initially just that he needed to go to hospital.”

He went on to say that the incident hurt both sides:

“I think it hurt both teams to be honest because no one likes to see any player go down the way he did. Whether it was a Solver player or a KR player. Our sport is a brutal physical sport and that’s why fans love it because it’s entertaining and it’s physical and all that sort of stuff but when you see a player go down like that it doesn’t matter what team they play for, I’m sure no player likes it. they play for, I’m sure no player likes it.”