“Only cowards hit women” – how social media reacted to the news that Anthony Gelling has been found not guilty of GBH

It’s been one of the stories that has dominated news outlets in recent days, but the trial of Anthony Gelling finally returned a not guilty verdict – much to the chagrin of a lot of people.

One Twitter user claimed that it was bad for rugby league as a whole that Gelling is still playing.

Another just couldn’t understand the verdict at all.

This was the horror photograph taken and uploaded to Twitter, concerning Gelling’s ex-wife.

One woman was unhappy about the cultural problems that this issue raised.

Another was confused about the verdict.

Another claimed “women were being let down” by such decisions.

It seems there was a broad consensus about the news.

One Twitter user even went as far as to wish an injury upon Gelling.

Another defended Gav for his views.

Another brought up societal beliefs that should have stopped Gelling in his tracks.

There was, however, one anomaly to the argument.

Though that fell on deaf ears amongst the majority.

One user even called on Leigh to get rid of the former Wigan and Warrington star.

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