“One of the worst decisions I’ve seen” – how social media reacted to last night’s rugby

Warrington were narrow 27-26 winners over Leeds last night, but one moment in particular had social media talking.

It was, of course, the decision by video referee Robert Hicks to award a try to Josh Charnley, despite there being no evidence that the ball had touched the ground. But, just how did social media react?

Here is the footage of the ‘try’:

Most couldn’t believe what they had just seen, with former Super League prop Eorl Crabtree amongst them.

Another neutral wanted the on-field referee’s call to be scrapped.

Another called for more accountability from the video referee.

One person called it a “clanger”.

Huddersfield Giants forward Chris McQueen brought out the funny stats.

Even a Warrington supporter couldn’t help but hide his disbelief.

Another supporter didn’t exactly hold back.

Another three felt the decision was symptomatic of the game as a whole.

One supporter even called it “the worst decision” he has seen.

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1 year ago

What a fuss about nothing, just shows we’ve all been locked up far too long.

“One of the worst decisions ever ….” ? Whatever next!

1 year ago

Just sack kendal and hicks absolutely shocking officials