NRL clubs to pocket mega money as insane funding agreement reached which highlights difference to Super League

An NRL War is causing plenty of discussion down under and had clubs threatening to break away in a “rebel league.”

This all stems down to funding but things are coming closely to a peaceful resolution.

This comes at League Central is set to offer $300 million in grants to clubs.

This will see all 17 NRL clubs, including new boys The Dolphins, receive between $17-18 million per year.

In total this means £306 million is set to be rewarded to NRL clubs which equates to £173 million which is around £10 million per club with ARL Commission boss Peter V’landys and NRL CEO Andrew Abdo to table the richest funding deal in the code’s 114-year history.

To put this into perspective, this is a 208 percent increase on the funding received over the top of the salary cap from the previous deal according to the Daily Telegraph.

Penrith Panthers boss Brian Fletcher revealed that clubs are pleased with this funding agreement and that it is set to end fears of the break away league.

“It is record funding and it had to be record funding,” Fletcher said to the Daily Telegraph.

“Before the previous funding agreement, Penrith lost $50 million in a decade on rugby league, but now we are getting to the point where every club can make a healthy profit.

“The clubs have never tried to rob the NRL.

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Roland Orzabal
Roland Orzabal
22 days ago