New RFL CEO outlines key areas moving forward

Tony Sutton has been appointed as the CEO of the RFL replacing Ralph Rimmer.

Speaking having been appointed Sutton identified six areas of focus for his side including IMG, the clubs, broadcast and the community – notably something omitted from IMG’s grading criteria.

Sutton said:

“This is a pivotal and exciting time for the sport of Rugby League, and I am immensely proud and privileged to have been given the opportunity to lead the RFL.

“I was new to Rugby League when I joined Hull FC, but the best part of 14 years at the club left a deep impression on me – in terms of the importance of our clubs to their fans and the communities in which they are rooted, and in the brilliance, athleticism and humility of the players who deliver such a thrilling spectacle.

“In six years with the RFL, I have seen first-hand the level of commitment delivered by some incredible people, now including RL Commercial.

“We relish the challenges ahead, working with our strategic partners at IMG, our clubs, our broadcast and commercial partners and our many other stakeholders – with a focus on looking after our people and the sport’s participants, maximising our Reimagining Rugby League project and continuing to deliver our community strategy, to make our sport as inclusive, accessible and engaging as possible.”

Simon Johnson, Chair of the RFL, added:

“Tony has made a highly positive impact in the months since he was appointed interim CEO, and from our angle has really grown into the role, with a distinctive and different style.

“He has impressed everyone with his ambition, passion and commitment to creating the right culture for high performance at the RFL.

“He was already well-respected by staff, clubs, partners and other stakeholders, as a result of his work as Director of Finance and Facilities and since 2019 as Chief Operating Officer. Tony played a key role in the strategic realignment of the sport, as well as developing the relationship with IMG as our partner. He will be able to use those relationships and learnings to drive the sport forward at this exciting time.”

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