McDermott not concerned by lack of wins

Toronto Wolfpack Head Coach Brian McDermott has said he is not concerned about wins at this stage of the season.

The Wolfpack are currently bottom of the pile in the Super League, and are the only team not to get off the mark so far this year.

He said: “Weirdly its not about winning and losing for us just now. Because whatever we do, it has to be sustainable.

“We cant jag wins. Id like to jag a win. Id like to have a win, at the end of a result. But as long as we keep on doing things in a game, and building our game week in, week out, that’s sustainable.

“Then the wins will come. Once the wins start coming, we will have a good run.

“People talk about league positions, and how far behind the rest of the pack we are, but Ive been around long enough to know you can be nowhere for the first third of the season, maybe even the first half of the year. Then you can come in with a wet sail and make the playoffs.

“That’s a fact, its not just me being ambitious, that’s what happens. We just need to make sure, if it takes 50-per-cent of the year for us to get some momentum, we keep a healthy ship.

“We aren’t having crisis meetings, were not listening to the press, were not getting down on ourselves, and its a pretty easy job to do that when we are playing like we are.”

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