London make groundbreaking commitment

The London Broncos have become the first British Rugby League Club to sign the Muslim Athlete pledge to demonstrate its commitment to equality and diversity for all.

The pledge is a commitment and way to start recognising Muslim needs in the Sport of Rugby League for both players and members of the Community wanting to attend games.

The Broncos are attempting to become fully accredited with the Nujum Sports Muslim Athlete Charter.

Ebadur Rahman, Co Founder and CEO of Nujum Sports is excited by the deal.

“Having signed the pledge, the London Broncos are joining a positive movement of solidarity, equality, and recognition of the contribution Muslims make for their respective clubs and teams,” Rahman said.

“Nujum is here to support professional clubs and their players, and contribute positively to their equality and diversity agenda. We are here to help them aspire to be even more inclusive, and build on the passion and love we have for our respective clubs, players, and fans.”

Community Manager John Keyes was delighted to see the club forming this partnership, saying: “Our community delivery has always been inclusive and we are really excited about the opportunities that being part of this partnership will offer.

“Education is the key to making changes in communities and the pledge will allow us to develop our own staff and players as well as developing stronger relationships within the local community.”

London Broncos Head of Commercial James Milner was equally pleased to see the club sign the pledge.

“As a Club we are constantly looking for ways to improve our Community links and ensure that we are doing everything possible to welcome all members of the local and wider community into the Broncos family both as players and supporters.

“Young Muslim Athletes should be aware that they will be welcomed into our Scholarship and Academy programme with their specific needs accommodated and introductions to our Community Club partners can also be made should they wish to try the game of Rugby League at novice level.”

Milner added: “By signing the pledge we are making a commitment to the Muslim community in South West London to make them welcome at all London Broncos events and to learn ways we can improve the experience for Muslim sports fans on a match day.”

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