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“Logical” to relocate Cronulla to Brisbane, says former NRL halfback

Rugby League mistake

Queensland Rugby League chairman Bruce Hatcher wants the NRL to consider relocating Cronulla Sharks to Brisbane.

That is instead of adding another Brisbane side to become the 17th NRL team.

The Australian Rugby League Commission wants to expand the NRL by putting a third team in southern Queensland, which would share Suncorp Stadium as a home ground with the Broncos.

“Do you want me to get my head lopped off further? I think I will bring Cronulla up here,” Hatcher told the Daily Telegraph.

“Look, honestly, it is none of my business.

“I am just saying it is a business model that will work and they straddle two markets and they get to play games in Sydney and they play games up here.”

Those words didn’t exactly sit well with Daily Telegraph journalist Phil ‘Buzz’ Rothfield – an avid Cronulla fan.

“He needs a HIA (head injury assessment), Bruce Hatcher,” Rothfield said.

“The Sharks, who own a golf club, have $20 million in the bank, own their club, own their ground.”

NRL 360 host Paul Kent, however, was supportive of Hatcher’s views.

“If you were designing the NRL competition right now from scratch, you would not have Cronulla and St George where they are,” Kent said.

“I think it’s logical, from Bruce Hatcher’s point of view, to relocate Cronulla given they are totally surrounded geographically by St George Illawarra, and over time the (Dragons) would just assume that area.

“The one… St George is not a Sydney suburb like Cronulla is, and why not just move St George up to Brisbane, they can still be the Dragons, and then let Cronulla just assume that area.”

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Tristan

    June 29, 2021 at 1:05 am

    Ahh st george illawarra … you forget that they train and play out of Wollongong mostly these days… yeah smart idea moving that club to Brisbane. No One in the st george area would support Cronulla nor would they from Wollongong…

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