Legendary commentator comes up with brilliant yet radical solution to 2025 World Cup problem

It won’t have escaped your notice that the next Rugby League World Cup is in huge jeopardy this week.

This is because it was announced on Monday that France could no longer host the tournament meaning there is a huge question mark over where and when it will be held.

Today is a huge day in answering that question.

This is because the Board of International Rugby League, with representatives from the RFL appearing, is set to discuss next steps today.

IRL chair Troy Grant said: “The board meets face to face in July and we will then be able to determine together our next steps forward and consider the other bids we have received for not only 2025, but 2029, 2033 and World Cup 9s events in the future.

“Exciting international content for 2023 and 2024, in addition to the recent historic Tongan tour to England, will be announced publicly shortly, which will be the front end of our much needed and highly anticipated calendar.”

Now legendary commentator Andrew Voss has had his say on what they should do and it is a brilliant if radical idea.

He believes it should be done in the same way as the 2020 Euros and be hosted across Europe with England as the base.

He said on Twitter:

“My rescheduled 2025 Rugby League World Cup would have games primarily in UK, but also games in France, Northern Spain and Northern Italy. Northern Hemisphere still to host Cup but great to have games in places like Barcelona and Milan as well.”

A genius idea but it looks like the tournament will instead be held down under.

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