Kevin Brown reveals who is to blame for Hull FC’s plight

Hull FC face an eighth defeat in a row today if they can’t get a win against Huddersfield Giants.

It is a struggle for them and the expectations on the club, Kevin Brown believes, is making matters worse for the club.

He said on BBC Five Live: “The fact that it’s such a big thing in Hull almost goes against Hull FC because what they’re really poor with at the minute is that when they’re tested with any sort of adversity, their resilience isn’t there.

“They capitulate like no team I’ve ever seen and that’s not a Tony Smith side, that’s not a Brett Hodgson side and that’s not a Lee Radford side. But that’s a Hull FC side and that’s been the same for probably the past decade.

“Whenever they’re in front and starting well they’re great, they’ve got lots who can attack and the fans will pat them on the back. But as soon as they go behind and things aren’t going as well then the fans get on the back, the players don’t react positively and they sink in a hole.

“That’s the big thing, it’s not attack, it’s not defence. It’s not anything but just character and resilience and I think that’s between their ears. Regardless of what coach comes in they all go the same way and they’ve got to change and do much better.”

It was put to Brown if they could have a change as big as Warrington Wolves from 2022 to 2023, Brown made it clear that he thinks the players are responsible for the current plight:

“I think it’s a lot of the signings that have changed Warrington, the best players on their side this year have been new players. The recruitment that Karl Fitzpatrick and Warrington have done has really helped that.

“But yeah it’s down to the players, the personnel has changed a little bit but there’s still that same feeling that if they go behind then they’ll go down. It looks much worse at home because of that, it’s adversity. Whether they need a mind coach or whatever but they need to come together and have a little bit of mental strength.”

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