Keith Mason says IMG should consider having Super League clubs from these two places

There are few rugby league players as smart and creative as Keith Mason.

The former Huddersfield Giants and St Helens prop has made his own movie called Imperative which could soon be on Netflix in 2023 and has written his own comic book called Rugby Blood.

So, if IMG wanted to talk to someone about thinking outside the box, Mason would be a good shout and speaking to Serious About Rugby League he suggested that IMG look to two places in particular for Super League clubs.

The first is of course London and he suggested they should use the blueprint of Redcliffe Dolphins for success.

“I would look at London, they’ve had a team for many years. You look at Redcliffe Dolphins, I played there twice whilst I was there, it’s rugby league place in Queensland,” he said.

“It’s all about structure. You have to have the right structures to bring in the right players. They need to bring London players through and bring some big players into the club.”

Equally, he would also like a Super League club from Cumbria:

“I think Cumbria, Whitehaven, if you had one team from Cumbria it would be a good bet.

“Cumbria and London for the scope of the place, 10 million people from there you have more chance of picking up some talented players.

“It could be a real hotbed for rugby league.”