Jamie Shaul gives honest opinion on Lee Radford leaving and Brett Hodgson

Jamie Shaul has been a Hull FC player for the entirety of his career.

And, in that career, the fullback has played under former head coach Lee Radford for the vast majority of it.

With Radford getting his marching orders early in 2020, however, Shaul has overseen both Andy Last and Brett Hodgson at the helm.

For the 29-year-old, however, the change in coach perhaps came at the wrong time considering his severe ACL injury suffered towards the back end of the 2020 season, despite him claiming he was ‘ready’ for it.

“I’ve had Radders (Lee Radford) my full career and until Brett Hodgson came in,” Shaul told the Rugby League Review podcast.

“I was probably ready for a change and a new coach; he’s brought some new things into camp and tried to change the culture.

“Hodgson was an unbelievable fullback so I was quite excited when he got appointed as I could pick his brains.

“It was hard at the time though because of my knee injury and I wasn’t on the field so I was kind of distanced from people.

“I couldn’t really pick his brains but I will definitely doing it in this pre-season.”

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