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“I think…” – Wigan Warriors boss has his say on controversial red card

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Wigan Warriors suffered their first defeat of the season when they lost to rivals St Helens on what was indeed a very Good Friday for Paul Wellens and his side.

For Wigan Warriors boss Matt Peet however, it was the first time he had tasted defeat since July 2023 and after the game he was asked by Jenna Brooks on Sky Sports what beat his side in the end.

Peet said: “Good team a good team. Obviously we need to learn lessons, which we will do. I like the direction we’re travelling in, we’ll have to talk about discipline but I like what we did today, just let ourselves down though.”

A classy response from Peet.

Asked if it was the best game of the season, Peet answered: “I don’t know, that’s for you to talk about. I thought it was intense, two good teams, can’t beat each other out all the time but that’s what you want isn’t it? I think the intensity of the game and what it means for the support from the players, it’s a place to be involved in. I’m sure this years that’s not the last we’ve seen of one another.”

He also had his say on Bevan French after his delightful try gave Wigan the lead.

“Yeah, obviously he is a very, very good player. I thought it was a brilliant moment. Those are the moments in his game that people want to watch. But yeah, Bevan’s a great player, but I’ve got to praise the excellence on both teams.”

Wigan Warriors boss has his say on red card

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Arguably the turning point in the game was the decision to send Wigan Warriors star Liam Byrne off for contact with the head.

Asked if he saw the fairness in the decision, Peet said: “Yeah, I think with those kind of tackles you know the officials are going to have a second look. The referees are under a lot of pressure and I thought I could see it being either a yellow or a red card.”

Certainly a very commendable verdict from Peet.

He didn’t believe it impacted the game too much however: “I don’t think it impacted the game too much. I think it was two good teams going at it, I don’t think it had a massive impact on it. Obviously, it put us under a bit more pressure but I thought they were still worthy winners in the end.”

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