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“I don’t give a f***” – Sean Long lays down the law at Featherstone Rovers with Super League focus

New Featherstone Rovers  Head Coach Sean Long has very clearly and bluntly stated that Super League is the aim for his side this season.

In a video shared by the club’s twitter account captioned simply “Setting the Tone” Long can be seen addressing his players before highlights of training drills are shown.

“Listen I’ve come back in now and our aim, we’ll call it the end game is to get into Super League,” Long passionately states whilst speaking to his squad of players.

“I believe we’ve got a f***ing great squad, we’ve added to the squad and we’re gonna add even more as well,” Long goes on to say. 

One of those additions so far is Elijah Taylor who has been capped 13 times by New Zealand and also featured for Salford since 2021. 

That’s a clear sign of intent which coupled with Long’s impassioned speech suggests there truly is only one aim for Rovers this season.

“My end game is to get back into Super League and coach Super League,” Long says before finishing off with the blunt point “As long as we lift that trophy together I don’t give a f***.” 

They’re coming off a season where they placed second in the Championship before a 32-28 defeat at home to Batley cost them an opportunity in the Million Pound Game. 

There’s no doubts left at all then in regard to Rovers 2023 aims but with the game only developing and growing more they’ll still have plenty of competition in what looks set to be a competitive season in the Championship.

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