From candle lit interview to cleaning up a floor full of “turds” – Ex-Wakefield Trinity star’s “crazy time” at Keighley Cougars

Jason Demetriou is now Head Coach of one of the biggest clubs in the NRL in the shape of the South Sydney Rabbitohs.

One of the richest clubs on the planet, he is a long way off his first coaching role with the Keighley Cougars which started with a candle lit interview, saw him take on the role of groundsman and clean up a room of “turds” all after working for Wicks to earn some money after his career at Wakefield Trinity.

Speaking to St Helens legend James Graham on his podcast The Bye Round, Demetriou revealed all:

“I’ll never forget my interview for the Keighley job. I got a phone call, Barry Eaton had gone to Leeds Rhinos or somewhere, and I got a call saying there was an opportunity.

“I drive out to Keighley, it is mid December, I was driving a truck at Wicks because I needed the money.

“Everything was pitch black, no lights on, I was trying to find my way around. They escorted me upstairs to the bar area where the interview would take place.

“There’s no power, no heating, we’re sat there in candle light doing this interview because they’re in administration and haven’t paid their bills and everything has been shut off.

“They’re saying, look we really want you to coach the team, the job is yours. We have no money for players but it’s yours do you want it? And I was like ‘I guess I’m playing.’

“I remember getting rid of the groundsman and I ended up marking out the lines but it saved us £500 a week which allowed me to get two more players.

“In England, every penny counts.

“I remember one day the toilets were blocked and I turned up and the changing room was full of turds spread across the changing room floor, my assistant turned up and my wife we were all clearing up, unclogging the drains.

“It was a crazy time, I loved it.”

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