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French President in another appeal to save sport

It was reported earlier this year that the French Rugby Federation for Rugby League, or FFR, were set to host their ‘Estates General’ in which all teams would come together for the good of the sport.

Initial responses were thin on the ground which prompted FFR President, Luc Lacoste, to go on a tirade on Facebook in an open letter criticising club officials for failing to serve the sport’s best interests.

That certainly forced clubs into action as Lacoste has confirmed that confirmed attendance numbers are up when stating the 11 foundations or ’round tables’ of discussions heading into the meeting.

Top of the list, but last of the discussions, was the 2025 World Cup which France are set to host and Lacoste has expressed again in French paper, L’Independent, that he expects large turnout whilst calling on officials not to be selfish.

Writing a column for L’Independent, Lacoste said: “As always in any organization, it is necessary at some point to create a second wind and give the floor to the field so that everyone feels concerned.

“I know everyone loves their club, but you also have to love your sport. I want a productive States General and I don’t want it to be the great mass of the XIII. We want a studious meeting with clubs that express themselves.”

Lacoste called for this meeting not to be the precipice or high point of rugby league in France this year, instead clubs must take a vested interest in the sport week in and week out, not just for the one occasion a year that they all meet.

He certainly appears to have the interests of the sport as a whole at heart given that this is the third time in 2023 that he has effectively called out club officials.

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