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French Federation set to facilitate important Super League transfers

FFRXIII president Luc Lacoste has revealed that the FFRXIII will help French players earn moves to Super League and the NRL as he outlined how France will look to improve moving forward after the defeat to England.

“We are intensifying the search for new players capable of being eligible for the French teams in 2025, [thus playing in France since 2020],” Lacoste said in an interview with International RL.

“We pay particular attention to players from New Caledonia, for example, some of whom play in Australia, New Zealand, etc.

“Finally, we intend to facilitate the departures abroad [Super League or even Southern Hemisphere] of players, to perfect their sporting level.”

He also addressed the defeats:

“The severe results recorded by our French teams last weekend are ultimately only the reflection of a situational reality specific to these 2 matches. Indeed, it must be understood that this weekend is a special case that cannot be representative. These two matches are the confirmation of the lessons already learned following the World Cup and the meeting of Club France on December 19, led by Trent Robinson.

“Regarding our women, the very large defeat is ultimately quite easy to understand, while the last matches against England were encouraging. There were 12 girls missing who participated in the last World Cup, including: five who definitively stopped their international career and seven who are undeniably potential Blues who have not been able to join the selection for various all legitimate reasons (Injuries , professional constraints, and one in Australia at the Roosters club). It was therefore a team, orphan, in full reconstruction. So yes, there is a story to necessarily reconstruct where natural leaders will have to emerge in the months to come.
It is also necessary that each of the girls understands the need to intensify the efforts to be there for 2025. Finally, we have identified the need to distribute the players in more clubs and why not, sometimes and for the short term, abroad.”

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