Ex-Leeds Rhinos star left “embarrassed” after long search for lost Grand Final ring ends in bizarre way

Unlike in most sports, Grand Final wins in rugby league come with a very uniue award for players.

Instead of getting a medal, you are given a ring.

What players do with these rings varies. It is to hope Jamie Peacock doesn’t wear his winners rings. As Super League’s most successful player with the Bradford Bulls and the Leeds Rhinos, he would only have one finger – including thumbs – without a ring on it which wouldn’t be that comfortable.

These rings are often a player’s prized possession at the end of their career especially if you only have one which was the case for former Leeds Rhinos hardman Marc Glanville who lifted the NRL Premiership in 1997 and subsequently received a winners ring for it.

A special memento for Glanville, he feared he had lost in recent weeks imploring the public to help find his ring.

He believed he had accidentally donated it to the Salvation Army after moving house but no one could find the ring.

That was until he checked another bag inside his house, where he found the ring which never left him in a surprise twist of fate.

This has left him a “little embarrassed” according to the Daily Mail.

‘I’m cursing myself that I didn’t check (the bag),’ a frantic Glanville told NBN News last week.

‘To lose that grand final ring, it’s very special and holds a lot of memories.

‘It means the world to me.’

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