Ex-Hull KR star set to prompt massive changes to NRL officiating which Super League should consider

Former Hull KR star Clint Newton has been at the heart of a lot of major talking points recently as the president of the Payers Association (RLPA) down under.

From salary cap to minimum wage, he has been involved in all of these discussed changes and now he has figured as key to another.

Rushed rule changes and referee crackdowns will be a thing of the past according to the Daily Telegraph with a plan between the clubs, the players association and the NRL to create a more collective approach to the governance of the game.

A consultation committee including two player representatives will be set up to analyse the biggest issues in the game, such as rule changes, referees, the bunker, injury trends and player welfare.

It will prevent the independent commission from introducing a crackdown like in the past.

There will be eight on the panel, which will include:

● Two club chief executives;

● Two player representatives (players and/or RLPA);

● Three from NRL senior management (Andrew Abdo, Graham Annesley and Jared Maxwell); and

● One independent commissioner (likely Wayne Pearce).

This will bring a far more measured approach to management of the game.

The committee will meet quarterly.

Newton has long pushed for this and was glad with the outcome.

“The more fatigued you are, the more chance you are of making a bad decision and potentially getting hurt,” he said.

“It’s like driving a car – the more fatigued you are, the more chance you have of making a bad decision.

“Any rule change from here on needs a proper analysis with all parties involved.

“It is important for the players to have a voice.”

This is certainly something Super League needs to consider implementing with their own crackdowns year on year.

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