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Ex-Featherstone Rovers star claims he’s still “owed” money as teammate calls out RFL

Featherstone Rovers Chairman Mark Campbell has issued a statement about the club’s financial situation after their pursuits for Super League.

The club have been accused repeatedly of not paying players and recently by former player Craig Hall of not paying him for his testimonial.

The statement from Campbell has confirmed that almost all the owed payments from 2023 have already been paid and that Hall was been paid an initial fee and that the club will fully resolve the issue in a couple of weeks.

Campbell took responsibility for the club’s situation and admitted he “took his eye” off the situation.

He is committed to resolving the “cashflow issue” at the club but confirmed he would be stepping down when this was completed.

But despite these two players have come out and claimed they are still owed money.

Former Featherstone Rovers duo claim they’re still owed money

In response to this statement former Featherstone Rovers halfback Dane Chisholm shared it on X and added the caption: “No mention of what I’m owed worries me. The numbers don’t add,” claiming he is still owed money from the club.

But this was far from the long statement former fullback Mark Kheirallah made on the matter. The fullback also took to X sharing Fev’s own statement with a thread of his own.

He confirmed that as of last week he was paid most of what he was owed but there is still some to be paid.

He said on X: “I am also part of the group of players that was not paid what was contractually owed. You took a gamble and you lost. Now it’s time to pay your debt!

“Unfortunately there is a dark saying when you’re a foreigner playing in the Northern hemisphere and that is “If you’re a foreigner and off contract, make sure you remain in the country until all your contract is paid”

“Since 1st November 2023 a surprisingly large group of players (both foreigners and locals) have been in a battle to receive what was rightfully owed. Results or not.

“We were given numerous deadlines that were not met over the course of the past 5 months and it has only been recently that majority of the group have received what was owed.”

He then confirmed that he had received most of what was owed to him: “Now I want to clarify, that I have been given majority of what I’m owed as of last week. However, their is still some remaining and I want this put to bed, so everyone can move on.”

Finally he called for action from the RFL: “This would not happen in Super League so why should it happen in the lower grades? The RFL need to stand up and make changes!! Or lets get a players union.”

You can see the posts from both players here and here.

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