Eddie and Stevo slam IMG

Many look back on Eddie Hemmings and Mike ‘Stevo’ Stephenson’s time in the commentary box nostalgically.

However, the duo never stop looking forward and the two have slammed IMG for how long they are taking to make key decisions about the sport’s future.

“No one is saying very much about the future of Magic, sadly no one is saying very much about anything. Where’s the new TV deal? Here we are in June with just about no news,” Eddie said on the duo’s podcast.

“They want to reimagine and rebrand the competition, no one seems to be in favour of losing the title of Super League. What’s happening to the game? We seem to be marking time.”

Stevo then added: “I’m confused, I’m sure every rugby league fan is confused. The players are getting confused and I’m sure that the people who run the clubs, the CEOS and the managers will be confused.

“They all voted for this company to come and change the whole concept of where we’re going but getting rid of something that is a success, to me, looks stupid.

“To leave it so late to come out with a television deal as well, because if we do not get television then our publicity will come to a halt. It’s our saviour, it was when Rupert Murdoch took over and created Super League.

“Whether we like it or not, we were doomed. We were going back to part time and amateur.

“The worst thing on earth is confusion, irrespective of if it’s sport or your life. If you’re confused then you lose interest. They don’t seem to be bothered about us. As I say, pull your finger out and get on with it.”