Doncaster awarded 48-0 win over League One rivals by RFL

The Betfred League One fixture between West Wales Raiders and Doncaster due to be played on Saturday (April 23) has been awarded to Doncaster with a 48-0 scoreline after the Raiders were unable to provide suitable medical cover.

The matter was considered by the RFL Board today, under Operational Rule B1:22.

The decision to award the match to Doncaster 48-0, rather than rearranging it for a later date, was made under the revised protocol for 2022 agreed by the Board last December, which states that “save in exceptional circumstances, where a club is unable to fulfil a fixture…the club failing to play the match shall forfeit the match”; and that “the match shall be awarded to the opposition 48-0”.

These circumstances are not deemed exceptional, as West Wales have been aware of the fixture, and the need to provide suitable medical cover, since the fixtures were published in December.

The matter will now be considered by the RFL Compliance Department.

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