Daly Cherry-Evans takes dig at Super League after discussing Jackson Hastings

In recent years, the gap between Super League and the NRL appears to be growing.

One of the main reasons for that is the salary cap is just under £5.5 million in the NRL, compared to just over £2.1 million in Super League.

That means that Australian clubs are able to tie better players down for longer and on better contracts.

A number of stars have come from Australia to the UK and vice-versa in recent years – one of them being Jackson Hastings.

Hastings left the NRL following his departure from Manly Sea Eagles where he had a high-profile spat with captain Daly Cherry-Evans.

However, Cherry-Evans has commended Hastings on the work he has done in getting back as well as taking a sly dig at what NRL players think of Super League as a whole.

“We were never in the same group of friends but we played in a trial match and we said g’day at the end,” Cherry-Evans told the Daily Telegraph.

“Look, I’m just genuinely happy for him. He’s embraced being a leader at the Wests Tigers and deserves admiration for it.

“When you think about it, it’s pretty rare what he’s done.

“When players go to Super League it’s normally at the end of their career. He resurrected his and it’s fantastic to see.”

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