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Cunningham opens up on coronavirus

Toronto Wolfpack hooker James Cunningham has opened up on his experience with coronavirus symptoms.

Cunningham tweeted yesterday that he had ‘almost 100-per-cent recovered’ after spending four weeks in isolation.

Despite experiencing the symptoms, even after his 14 days of self-isolation, Cunningham was never actually tested for the virus.

He told “I didn’t actually get tested for it.  But during the self-isolation, the first two or three days my symptoms just got a lot worse. I was exhausted, my fever got really bad, I got like a really aggressive cough afterwards as well.

“I’m supposed to be a fit guy, and I was really struggling, couldn’t get out of bed. I feel like vulnerable people would really struggle with this virus, and for someone who’s supposed to be in good health, and so fit and healthy, it affected me so much.

“I can’t reiterate enough how important it is to stay at home and follow the government’s advice.

Cunningham is now on the mend, and is working his way back up to fitness, with the club of the doctors at the Wolfpack.

“When my symptoms subsided and got a little bit better, I’ve been out for a couple of walks. It’s nice to get out of the house and get a bit of fresh air, because it’s hard being stuck indoors.”

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