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Clubs face uncertain futures following latest round of structure talks

Despite meeting being held with the RFL, there have been no fruitful conversations about the future of the second and third tiers of rugby league.

Championship and League 1 clubs have still yet to find out what kind of payment packages they will be given in 2022 which has, understandably, given them cause for concern in terms of recruitment and retention.

Second tier sides have repeatedly voiced their concerns, with Batley Bulldogs head coach Craig Lingard being one of the most outspoken in recent months.

“I feel we are at a crossroads with rugby league,” Lingard wrote on social media.

“We are currently half way through a season and we still don’t know what prize money we are playing for.

“We don’t know what distribution we are getting next season and there isn’t a meeting until August to try and find out what we are playing for.

“How can teams re-sign or recruit players not knowing what they have to spend?

“Not only will players have to decide if its worth the sacrifice but coaches, physios and all other backroom staff will have to decide whether the time and sacrifice is worth the little money they get to continue in the sport.

“If your job offered you a 50 per cent pay cut to do the same job, would you continue to do it?”

A two-tier competition is set to be introduced for the 2023 season, with two leagues of ten teams looking the most likely, but clubs are wanting the answers to their questions.

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