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Clubs at serious risk after lack of funding agreement

This afternoon, there was a meeting between the RFL and Championship and League 1 clubs in a bid to thrash out the details of a funding agreement for the 2022 season.

However, no confirmation from that meeting has come through, meaning that clubs in both the second and third tiers of rugby league face an increasingly uncertain future.

One journalist detailed what he described as the “harsh reality” of the state of the game after talking to a non-Super League player.

Mick Gledhill, also known as The Game Caller, said: “A player I spoke to who says he’s made a decision to leave the sport after losing over £10,000 in wages from his current Championship contract to what he’s been offered for 2022.

“A player in League One is leaving the sport after only being offered £3,000 a year when his current contract is worth £9,000 a year. One Chairmen I’ve spoken to expects to see around 30% of the current player market leave #RugbyLeague due to a decrease in club finances and wages.”

It remains to be seen what kind of deal can be thrashed out between all concerned parties, but there looks to be a rocky road on the horizon for those clubs outside the top flight.

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