Chalmers suggests Toronto points deduction

Bradford Chairman Andrew Chalmers says the Rugby Football League should consider landing a points deduction on Toronto for David Argyle’s racist remarks.

The Wolfpack owner was fined £7,500 by the RFL earlier this week after asking Swinton Lions’ prop Jose Kenga “do they allow black people in Swinton?”

There is no sign the governing body plans to dish out further punishment to Argyle, however, Chalmers has suggested there should be a much stricter sanction.

Speaking on the Bulls website, it was evident Chalmers had written his column prior to the RFL’s decision on Thursday, but his comments indicate he’s likely to be unhappy with the retribution.

He says: “Argyle has apologised admitting he was wrong, which must be applauded, and he has also reiterated he intends to honour his obligations and commitments.

“Perhaps the RFL board may be considering a hefty fine, and even a points deduction – certainly the drum is beating. These events could even cast a shadow over the Wolfpack’s ongoing ownership.

“In 2014, the NBA forced controversial owner Donald Sterling to relinquish ownership of the LA Clippers following an investigation which found Sterling had made racist statements.

“A hefty sanction which included a lifetime ban and the maximum fine allowable of $2.5 million USD at the time was also levelled.

“Whatever the RFL decide, the sanction must fit whatever breach has been determined to have occurred but zero tolerance towards discrimination must mean exactly that.

“It’s critically important to ensure club owners, staff, players and fans alike understand that such comments, regardless of the context and circumstances, have no place in our sport or in society, and together we must be vigilant in stamping it out.”