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Castleford Tigers IMG appeal HAS NOT been delayed says RFL

Castleford Tigers are still waiting on their IMG appeal but the process has not been delayed despite reports claiming that it has been.

The Tigers finished 13th in the rankings outside the all important top 12 which in 2024 will determine Super League positions for the 2025 Super League season.

So, missing out could be crucial. However, Castleford feel they deserve a further half a point to 0.75 points after an error was made. Thus they appealed the final rankings hoping to leapfrog Leigh Leopards into the top 12.

This appeal was originally slated to last a matter of days but it has now been two weeks and there have been reports that it has been delayed.

Serious About Rugby League has been told by the RFL that the proceedings haven’t been delayed but it appears that the verdict will not be published until next week.

Castleford haven’t been happy with the whole process and the club’s Chairman Mark Grattan spoke on the COYF Podcast and explained the situation:

“It’s the biggest thing to happen to a group of league. We accept that you’ve made an error, you should accept that we’ve also made an error.

“And if you’re an error in our department, I was a bit spooked, but the sensible thing to do is either to just correct it or to just sit and wait. It’s not like we were.

“It’s the positions that’s the problem because 13th position effectively people see that as not being super equal. So that’s the issue. I don’t know why it made any difference to them to… I don’t know what difference it would have made to them to correct it last time, we got the correct one in after they’d taken the half point out.

“I just don’t understand that. So that’s where we’re at. So there’s an appealing, whether they hear it, whether they do it, that’s entirely up to them. But that’s where our score, we believe, sits.”

So, it looks like next week that this situation is likely to be finally resolved and we will get a complete look at the ranking of all 35 teams.

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