Brian Noble attacks rugby league governance as ‘shameful’

As rugby league continues to strive for peace and stability within itself, there have been many debates about which direction the sport should be heading in.

Former Wigan Warriors and Bradford Bulls coach Brian Noble has called out the current governance at the top and believes that all those involved in rugby league need to bang their heads together.

“I think the behaviour of some of the governance and our administration is akin to being shameful,” Noble said on BBC Five Live Rugby League.

“It’s a strong word to use and it’s time for something like a benign dictatorship or autocratic democracy.

“There has to be a push and a force to resolve some of the issues behind the scenes and that means get everyone round the table and find a formula whereby they make decisions that are good for the sport not just for individual teams.

“It is a bit of a shamozzle behind the scenes at the minute and I’ve been involved in that personally in terms of attracting a new structure.

“There’s too much self interest in the game.”

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Anthony Raymond Grey
Anthony Raymond Grey
1 year ago

This is the same Brian Noble who presided over the all conquering Bradford Bulls were a result of financial wrong doings.
They were punished but then received favourable treatment in relation to Odsal.
Cannot remember him complaining about governance then.