Alleged new funding plan could threaten the survival of some clubs

The RFL met with Championship and League 1 clubs for their Annual General Meeting last week, and the results are pretty stark to say the least.

Rugby League Hub has revealed that these clubs were allegedly told that the best option for central funding in 2022 would be 50% less than what they currently have, as the reduced TV deal comes into being.

This source goes even further to suggest that the Championship and League 1 clubs could allegedly be given a meagre sum of £25,000 each next year, which would, of course, have severe repercussions for some sides.

Whatever the plans in the pipeline, the sport of rugby league is at a crossroads and it will be incredibly interesting to see how things unfold.

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Richard Palliser
Richard Palliser
1 year ago

I’ve long felt, despite its obvious benefit of reaching supposed wider audience, it’s a double edged sword.
Like a drug dealer, they seem to lure you in, get you hooked, then when your dependent, pull the rug. What’s even more depressing…….I’ve seen some fantastic entertainment courtesy of the championship this season, hope this isn’t the death nail for some of these historic clubs.