Woolf wary of dangerous Wakefield

St Helens Head Coach Kristian Woolf has said he is expecting another tough game against Wakefield Trinity tonight.

Saints came from 12-0 down in the first half to beat Chris Chester’s men last time out, and Woolf is sure they will make it diffciult for his side again.

He said: “We know Wakefield will compete, they have shown us that. They have no pressure on them, which makes them a really dangerous team. There is no repercussion for losing, and every reward for winning.

“If you look at Wakefield last week, they were at 100-per-cent completion in the first half, and it took them until the 30th minute to make an error, and they made two at the back end.

“When teams come at you and do that, it makes it really difficult. Sometimes it is easier to do when you don’t have that pressure on you.”

For Saints, it is a similar position they found themselves in with Hull KR. They played them and won a close match, then three weeks later, it was even closer with the Robins forcing Golden Point.

Woolf said if Wakefield can bring the same sort of levels, we could see something similar.

He added: “There is certainly no guarantee that we don’t end up in a really close dogfight, similar to what we did against Hull KR.

“If you look at that second game, Hull KR played really well, and we had to play really well to beat them.

“I was really happy with the way we managed to do that, and tough out a game like that.

“All the GPS data we got from that game showed it was a really high quality affair, and one of the highest quality we have played since the restart.

“If Wakefield come up with something similar, then that is what we will have to come up with. I certainly know we are prepared for that, and can win those game, because we have proven it.”

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