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Watch: Video referee awards Wigan try despite potential offside

It’s a tight and tense game at the Halliwell Jones Stadium with the league’s top two teams, Warrington and Wigan, playing out a blockbuster encounter in wet conditions.

In a first half that saw only three tries, with Wigan going into half-time with a 10-6 advantage, it was the second try of the night from Brad O’Neill that caused controversy.

Having initially looked like he had bounced the ball in attempting to ground after taking Bevan French’s clever reverse kick, Chris Kendall sent it up to the video referee as ‘no try’.

However the replay showed O’Neill had actually put the ball down with his fingertips and video referee Liam Moore awarded the try.

Despite that, it was the frame before the grounding that left fans puzzled with O’Neill potentially offside on the inside of French, something the video referee initially brushed past quickly before going to the grounding.

Though the decision was debatable, it was the lack of consideration for the potential offside that left TV viewers slightly confused with the video referee only concerned about the grounding.

You have to feel that if the video ref had his time again he may have taken a closer look, or at least looked at a few more angles, of the potential offside against O’Neill when French put in the kick.

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