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Warrington Wolves face potential George Williams problem

George Williams

There are questions about Warrington Wolves and their chances of success in 2024 but one thing that will help their chances is the fact they have the England skipper in their side in the shape of George Williams.

Before Williams and Matt Dufty led their side to a win over Hull KR at Craven Park, there was a lot of discussion of where the Wolves are especially in comparison to last year.

Last year, when things weren’t going well, I think Jenna interviewed one of the players and he said, ‘Oh, we’re just happy now, we’re feeling better and happier now’.

“I was left thinking ‘What’s happiness got to do with your performance on the field?’ Being happy is great, but you have a responsibility as a professional to perform.”

It echoed back to when George Williams spoke on Sky Sports post-match last season confirming that Warrington Wolves had a “soft underbelly”, comments that showed true honesty from the England skipper.

Jon Wilkin then went on to explain that the current Warrington Wolves squad can’t be associated with the ‘big club’ status or have their reputation go before them as a top three or four side, something Wilkin claimed they’ve not been for years.

“Warrington haven’t performed at the top level, we’ve also got to separate the shirt with the current squad,” Wilkin argued.

“I also think the aspirations of Warrington are to be a top team, but I don’t think their squad has actually been a top team for a few years. I don’t think they’ve had a top three or four team for a few years in terms of the recruitment.”

Warrington Wolves face George Williams worry

George Williams was brilliant against Hull KR in the 22-20 win over the Robins and his return from injury was timely given the absence of Josh Drinkwater.

But there is a concern for the Wolves. Sam Burgess only named Williams in the side at the 11th hour and after the game Williams explained that he still has “a dodgy ankle.”

This is a concern moving into the rest of the season with Josh Drinkwater set to miss the next three or four games.

The Wolves will have a Challenge Cup fixture in that run as well which of course is do or die.

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