Two NRL youngsters found with blood clot and minor heart issue following testing

With COVID-19 continuing to wreak havoc through both Super League and the NRL, testing has become paramount to ensuring that pre-season can go ahead as normal.

Unfortunately, testing has also thrown up another scary development as two Canterbury Bulldogs youngsters found out yesterday.

After having symptoms of COVID-19, the duo underwent blood tests and an ECG – with one discovering a blood clot and the other with a minor heart issue.

Though they will both recover to full fitness, Bulldogs General Manager Phil ‘Gus’ Gould decided to share the news on his Twitter profile page: “Covid testing our junior reps @NRL_Bulldogs. Those with moderate to sever symptoms must undergo blood tests & ECG. So far 17 tests. Already revealed one youngster with blood clot & one with minor heart issue. Both treatable & will recover. But good to know. Great job by our staff.”

Gould later confirmed that one was COVID related and that the other had nothing to do with the virus: “One believed to be Covid related. The other totally unrelated. Conditions that were only picked because of the testing protocol.”

However, it is good news that both issues were found quickly and that treatment

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