Top 5 NRL Hookers in 2019

5- Reed Mahoney

Mahoney arguably went underrated in 2019, putting in an amazing defensive effort for the Eels in 2019.

4- Cameron McInnes

Although the Dragons had a poor 2019, McInnes was still an admirable individual performer, both in attack and especially defence.

3- Cameron Smith

Arguably the greatest player of this generation was still solid, however also shared his role with young Brandon Smith, also moving into a halves role during games, bumping him down the list.

2- Josh Hodgson

Hodgson as always was one of if not the Raiders’ key player in 2019, a true leader.

1- Damien Cook

The Australian hooker remained the Rabbitohs’ key creator throughout 2019, even during the Bunnies’ form slump Cook was still creating great opportunities for his teammates, even if they weren’t taken full advantage of.

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