Tony Smith explains why Hull FC are doing it tough

Hull FC are still hoping they can beat the likes of Leeds Rhinos, Warrington Wolves, Hull KR and Salford Red Devils to a play-off spot but their chances of doing so are tough.

They are currently four points behind sixth after their defeat to Warrington Wolves and things were made tougher for the Black and Whites as they lost to the Wire last week when they lost Jake Trueman for the rest of the season.

This was confirmed as Smith spoke on BBC Radio Humberside expressing how they are doing it tough at present:

“Yeah, it’s a tough one for Jake. It’s a situation that there’s nothing else other than he’s just got to get on with it and deal with it. I know that sounds harsh, but that’s how sport is sometimes. He’s good like that.

“He probably felt sorry for himself for a day or so, but that’s about it. It’s pretty much crack on and get yourself right for next time, for next season. That’s how he’s approached it.

“He’s got plenty of support around him and we all need that support from time to time when you have some adversity. He’s a resilient young guy and he’ll bounce back and we’ve all got respect for him because of that and he’s done it in the past and come back stronger and better and he’ll do that again.”

Asked if he will require surgery, Smith said:

“Yeah he sees the consultant on Wednesday and there’s a couple of routes you can go or a couple of different ways you can.

“There is a non-surgical way of treating it and sometimes it’s a surgical treatment so it just depends which way the consultant goes on that.

“I know that many years ago a good recovery from Achilles damage was at six months. Sometimes it’s done quicker now, it can be quicker. So yeah, we’ll see.

“We’ll see how long it takes and he’ll see the consultant on Wednesday afternoon so we’ll know more about that.”

On timescale, he added:

“Yeah, just to be at the start of the next season. That’s what we’ll probably aim for depending on what the consultants say. There’s never an ideal time but, you know, at this stage it could be that he starts or very close to the start of next season.

“I know Jake well enough to know that he’ll do everything in his capabilities to get himself back as soon as possible. He knew exactly what happened straight away.

“I know a number of people who have suffered the same injury and I’d reckon that most people will tell you you’ve got that feeling that somebody either hit you in the back of the leg with an axe or kicked you very hard from behind and he knew and as soon as it happened he knew. So he was gutted straight away.

“But there’s some of the things that challenge you in sport and he won’t feel sorry for himself and he’s not. He’s just getting on with it now and he’ll crack on and we’ll all help him for a speedy recovery.

“He’s a quality player. We’ll miss him. As for how many games we’ll miss him for, I’m not sure. He’s a number as well as a good player. We need bodies and we’d like to have as many bodies to select from and we’d like to be able to make those sort of choices.

“We understand that he’s not available and it’ll be an opportunity for somebody else to step up and to step into some pretty big shoes. So yeah, we’ll see what happens with them.”

On other injuries, Smith said:

“There isn’t anybody else that was injured from that game as such. We copped a few bumps and bruises and knocks and some things that players are carrying and they’re carrying at this stage of the year, but there’s nothing that fresh from that that should have an influence on selection for this week.”

He also provided an update on Tex Hoy:

“In terms of selection, he’s a chance for this week. He’s a chance whether we want to throw him in and risk him. There’s still a few things that he needs to achieve but he’s getting very very close.

“He’s had a pretty sound recovery from the last occurrence and the last occurrence was a fresh one so we’re hopeful that that’s it for Tex and hamstrings for now but nobody can be assured of that. He’s a consideration for this week.

“I’m not bothered about what we need to win. It’s about taking care of players and making sure that they’re fine and able to play.

“Certainly if we did play Tex he wouldn’t be playing 80 minutes and that’s a consideration in itself. How do we get enough minutes under his belt but also not play too many minutes to put him in serious risk.

“So it’s not a consideration about number of games to be won. It’s making sure that you’re not doing further injury to players and unnecessary injuries. So that’s always the first consideration that we’ll take into account for all of our players.

“We wouldn’t take a risk on, and it’s not for outcomes or games, it’s for player welfare. And we take care of them first, always and foremost. We understand where we are in terms of the league and all those sort of things, but there’s no temptation to put somebody’s either career or future in jeopardy just because of the circumstance of where we sit in the table.”