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“There has to be a line” – Nu Brown releases statement after shocking red card

Hull FC signing Nu Brown sent off

Following his red card against Warrington Wolves last night New Zealand and Hull FC hooker Nu Brown has released a statement calling for a “line in the sand” to help save rugby league in Great Britain.

Signed from the NRL in the off-season Nu Brown arrived as an international star with Tony Smith hoping that he’d be one of several NRL signings to help turn it around at Hull FC.

He was sent off last night for an accidental clash of heads with Warrington’s Ben Currie in an incident that Jon Wilkin has labelled a “shambles”.

Brown signed from down under alongside the likes of Jayden Okunbor, Herman Ese’ese and Franklin Pele, the latter two of which have both already copped suspensions this season.

Nu Brown now looks set to join them on the sidelines for some time following his controversial red card against Warrington, a decision that massively influenced the outcome of the game and was one that even Ben Currie couldn’t understand.

At the time of Brown’s send-off Hull FC were well in the game and could have even gone on to spring the upset on Warrington, but down to 12 men the Black and Whites were outscored 30 points to 4, resulting in another heavy defeat as the final score read 36-10.

Brown has now taken to his Instagram to call for change, whilst also underlining that referee Marcus Griffiths is in no way at fault.

Nu Brown makes plea to help save rugby league

Hull FC signing Nu Brown

It would be easy for Brown to be frustrated and angry with Griffiths and the decision but in an incredibly well-written, reflective and intelligent post, Nu Brown has summed the situation up very well.

He posted: “It’s not even about me. It’s about the future of this game and wanting it to be in good hands when us older players leave this game onto the next generation.

“Please do not bag the referees as they’re only human trying to do their job too. I spoke with the ref after the game and I said “I’m not frustrated at you bro, I know you’re just trying to follow the rules/laws that you’ve been given” we shook hands and that was that.

“Referees have mental health too so please be mindful with words. I totally understand and agree with the laws trying to ease contact to the head. No one wants to see their loved ones struggle post rugby. I get that. But….. there has to be a line. drawn in the sand of what is intent force and what is an accident.

“If you’ve never stepped foot on a rugby field, your heart is beating to the max rate running back 10m each tackle to turn around and see multiple big humans coming at you, having to figure out “how the hell am I going to put this guy down to the ground”. Things happen that fast, sometimes you don’t have time to correct your technique because you’re at max heart rate, they are coming at you so fast but you know you have to put your body on the line for the brothers.

“This decision not only cost my brothers struggling on the field tonight with 12 men but decisions like this can cost the big games at the end of the year. Seeing two teams in a grand final that have worked so hard to be on the big stage and then someone getting a red/yellow card like tonight would be sad for the sport/fans and everyone else involved in the game. People that haven’t played the game before don’t realise how hard it is to play with one man down. It ruins the game plan, attack and defensive structures.

“We will only push supporters and kids that want to play away from the game I and so many others love. This game we call Rugby League got me out of the hood. The lessons on and off the field have shaped me to the man Iam today. Please let’s make this game good here in (Union Jack emoji) to help and inspire our kids.”

Brown’s powerful statement can be viewed on Instagram in the post below.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Nu Brown (@faamanubrown)

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