The Man Who Could Solve Brisbane’s Halves Problem?

It is safe to say that the Brisbane Broncos did not live up to expectations in 2019, finishing 8th on the ladder and losing 58-0 against the Parramatta Eels in the first week of the finals.

What the Broncos are in need of most is a half that can bring balance and control back to the side and a mentor for young Tom Dearden.

In 2019 the Broncos attack has been poor for the most part, with the side constantly stagnating with the ball in hand and lacking direction. This can be put down to the fact that they have lacked an attacking half.

In 2020, Tom Dearden will undoubtedly be back in the halves. However, he is much too inexperienced to lead a side around the field and bring direction to the Broncos. Dearden is also currently lacking a mentor, another reason why the Broncos need to sign a half.

Chad Townsend would be ideal as he can both control a side and play second fiddle. He has also proven how good a mentor he is after working with new Sydney Roosters signee Kyle Flanagan. However, Townsend is a local junior in Cronulla and if the Sharks lose him they will be lacking in the halves department, meaning Townsend would likely not be too interested in a move away from the shire.

Aidan Sezer on the other hand would be the perfect pick up. He has experience in both leading a team and being a role playing half. The Raiders would also likely be willing to let Sezer go as the Raiders’ halves situation is in a good place, as Sam Williams could easily come into the starting line up if Sezer were to leave. Not to mention, the Broncos would not have to release too many players to have the adequate funds to sign Sezer.