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Super League side struck by illness

Things are difficult at Huddersfield Giants at the moment and things are getting worse.

Hit by constant injuries this season, star player Theo Fages is again absent this week.

This is because of an injury picked up before the Giants’ massive defeat to Leeds Rhinos as they lost 54-0.

Ian Watson explained the situation: “He actually did it in the warm-up at Leeds. He felt like something, so hence probably why we couldn’t gain any decent field position. He wasn’t kicking the ball if you noticed. He started to run on the last foot.

“We wasn’t aware of it. He thought he’d be okay and get through it. But yeah, he couldn’t do mate to be fair. So it is what it is. We’ve had it all year, the same kind of things. It’s kind of really crazy kind of year, like I say. We’ve been back through it.”

Watson spoke wider on the Giants’ woes including illness: “The team’s not been the same probably once all year, mate. And it’s not through wanting to change things or kind of reacting on the back of it.

“A lot of it’s been injury, illness. There’s a few more in the squad there that you’ll have noticed are not in there and some of them are illness as well. We had it last week. Adam Milner was ill all week last week and he came back out on game day.

“Managed to be our 18th man, which was pretty rough. But yeah, it is what it is. It’s probably more about focusing on some of the positives this week rather than looking back at what’s happened and what’s not there this week.”

This came as he confirmed Joe Greenwood and Jack Ashworth are out with illness and injury: “Same, illness and injury.

“It’s been the same all year but whether this has an impact on, like I say, the surfaces and all this kind of stuff, there’s lots of factors go into it mate.

“I could sit here and tell you all the factors but some of them are things that I couldn’t obviously tell you which are personal things and the only people who have the right to tell their stories are the people themselves. It’s been a tough year all round with a lot of different reasons, but it is what it is, mate.”

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