Super League coach wants compensation to stop big teams “monopolising” young talent

Wakefield Trinity have brought Jack Croft back to the club and look set to also sign Isaac Shaw.

Both are players from the club’s academy but their exit last year brought to light something Mark Applegarth wants changing.

He believes club’s should be compensated when an academy player from their club players a certain number of Super League games elsewhere.

“The main thing is that the two lads get back playing,” he said on BBC Radio Leeds.

“You can put an argument from both sides. I think the compensation ruling in my opinion needs changing.

“I’d probably attach compensation after so many games. So for example, if another Super League club signed one of our academy products then if they play 50 games then X amount of money is available.

“Then if they play 100 games there’s another X amount of money available, I think that’s a logical way of doing it.

“Naturally players have got to be at the forefront in terms of making sure that there’s no restriction but clubs need protecting too in terms of player development.”

He said that this is key to stop the big clubs monopolising it all:

“If not then you’re going to end up with clubs who have the most money or resources just monopolising it all. It’s not as easy as that but I’m glad it’s sorted as it’s been a big of a mess.”

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