Super League coach says “I’ll wear spots if someone will throw cash at us”

In 2020, Leeds Rhinos defeated Salford Red Devils 17-16 in the Challenge Cup Final. Then this year the final was the exact same scoreline only this time Leigh Leopards were defeating Hull KR to end a 52 year wait for the trophy.

Leigh and Salford are interesting case studies. Both are clubs who have punched above their weight in recent times but have adopted very different modles.

Leigh have rebranded and pumped money in the club via Derek Beaumont whilst Salford have constantly found defied the odds developing players.

However, Salford boss Paul Rowley, formerly of Leigh has said: ‘I’ll wear spots, stripes, anything if someone will throw cash at us.’

This is a reference to Leigh’s rebrand and shows a longing for the club to be able to spend more.

He said on the club’s website this week:

“Yeah, I mean it’s a funny question isn’t it because first and foremost I respect people that work hard and do the job that they do for our club presently.

“You know if you’re asking a coach would you like more money and more resource then you’d be a fool to say no.

“So first and foremost, I’d like a better training pitch, I’d like a gym that’s adequate, I’d like a team room that’s private. And then we’ll get some players.

“So yeah, somebody coming in with loads of money would be a great addition, a great help and would help us to fulfil our goals and ambitions and the clubs and supporters goals and ambitions as well.

“So yeah, I mean I’ll wear spots, stripes, whatever you want me to do. If someone’s going to come in and throw a load of cash at us then we’ll do that.

“You’ve got to applaud anybody who puts their hard-earned cash into a club to chase a dream and I certainly do that. So, yeah, if that person’s there, feel free, but until that day, then I’d rather applaud the people that work tremendously hard to keep us going and to just try and drive this club forward in the way that we are doing.