Slater lost two weeks of his life after Soliola hit

Melbourne star Billy Slater is unable to remember winning this year’s State of Origin or any of the previous fortnight after he was left badly concussed by Sia Soliola’s shocking hit.

In a medical report presented at Soliola’s judiciary case, which saw the Raiders lock banned for five matches, the extent of the damage caused was revealed.

“He (Slater) was unconscious for two to three minutes,” the report continued. “Bill was unresponsive. He was clearly disoriented. He had no recollection of the event.

“The force of the contact was severe. He was unconscious before he hit the ground.”

Slater has been ruled out of Melbourne’s clash against rivals Manly on Sunday after close observation and tests on his concussion.

“We are going to rest Billy this week,” Storm Football Director Frank Ponissi said.

“We could have named him and continued to monitor him during the week, but we decided that given the seriousness of his concussion, we have taken the conservative approach to rest him.”

Meanwhile, Soliola will be available to play in the final round of the regular season after he pleaded guilty to dangerous contact with the neck/head.

“I didn’t mean to collect him high,” he said. “I didn’t think it was late at the time. But looking back and seeing the replays, I realised it was late. I put my hand up.”

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Richard Buckley
Richard Buckley
5 years ago

No appology then Sia, nice to see your rrespect for fellow players

Ben Prince
Ben Prince
5 years ago

no memory of the past two weeks, fuck off ya pussy cunt billy