Sky Sports pundits argue about controversial yellow card as star left “fuming”

James Batchelor has been shown a yellow card for a hip drop tackle on Jake Clifford which forced the halfback off with an ankle injury.

The Sky Sports pundits were divided by the decision.

Phil Clarke said: “There’s nothing illegal in it.”

But Jon Wells said it was a tackle that needs to be guarded against:

“It’s what Batchelor does, from behind and dropping the hips and that is what catches the ankle underneath. I can understand why Jake Clifford is angry with that.

“I don’t think it is intentional but you have to guard against that sort of tackle because you put your opponent into a vulnerable position.

“Yes you are trying to stop him but you have a duty of care to other players on the field.”

Bill Arthur meanwhile questioned what else Batchelor can do:

“James Batchelor is mystified by that, what was he supposed to do? He is falling as well. How are you supposed to make that judgement in a split second.”

Wells responded:

“This is what we expect it is an elite level of sport and you are expected in a way that is safe and Jake Clifford is fuming at this.”

The Black and Whites trail 14-0 as halftime approaches.

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John Rushbrooke
John Rushbrooke
1 month ago

Where did this “hip drop tackle” definition come from. You naturally use your weight to bring down your opponent in a tackle. I would guess probably 50% of tackles the attacker and defender hit the floor at the same time. This was just an unfortunate instance where one players ankle got caught underneath another, but undoubtedly the disciplinary panel will find something. A Saints player nearly decapitating an opponent, not even cited. Sorry, I know that was more or less the start of the season but I took a little consolation thath the pathetic decision of the referee to just give a free kick would at least be addressed by a two or three match ban by the panel. I wouldn’t pay too much attention to the Sky sports commentators anyway. They were all in favour of Sue being at least sent to the sin bin, if not sent off,… Read more »