Sky Sports presenter picks out huge problem Hull FC could face in 2023

Hull FC showed some real character last night as they lost to Champions St Helens.

But despite that after the game, Sky Sports’ Brian Carney pointed out a key problem Tony Smith’s side might have in 2023 with 20 players off contract which could affect the togetherness of the squad.

He said: “A story that may develop this year is the amount of Hull players who are out of contract.

“Daryl Powell blamed that for the falling apart of Warrington last year. Hull FC have no fewer than 20 players coming off contract that Tony Smith has to manage and get them to perform.”

To this, Terry O’Connor said that the club has to back the decisions of coach Tony Smith:

“Those players are playing for their futures. That is some rebuilding. Tony Smith wants to build a team that can take them forward.

“If they have players who won’t play week in week out, he will shift them on.

“Wherever he has been he has done that before.”

He does however feel there is the makings of a good team in their squad:

“That is a big aggressive pack. It could compete with any pack in Super League.

“They have good outside backs, good halfbacks and they should be able to play on the back of that.

“They have shown what they can do.”

Meanwhile, Phil Clarke said that the Black and Whites need to find a way to be more consistent:

“The problem Hull have had is the difference between their best and their worst is massive. They have to narrow that gap.

“They need to find out why they were so bad last week.

“They have to really find within the club the answer to that.

“Potentially they have their best player to come back in Jake Trueman and there is Carlos Tuimavave.”

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