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Rugby League on the “decline” according to England international

English rugby league on the international stage has “declined”, according to England international Jermaine McGillvary.

The Huddersfield winger starred in the Combined All Stars win over England, which was the national team’s first game since 2018.

“We need a good international game for this sport to grow,” said McGillvary.

“I think we need to build international rugby a lot better.

“This round should have been on a standalone weekend and enabled England and the All Stars to pick the best players and put the best game possible on. Make it the best of the best on both sides.

“But as long as we’re not playing games, it’s not going to grow. I’ve been playing for 12 or 13 years now, and the sport hasn’t progressed since I came through, I’ll be honest.

“If anything, it’s actually declined a little bit with the players and how it’s run.

“I think it could be managed a lot better and hopefully in years to come, this can be a regular fixture.

“Super League and the Rugby Football League (RFL) need to come together, bang some heads and sort this out. It seems like they’re fighting against each other and it shouldn’t be like that, it should be all for one to grow the game.

“It needs to get the two organisations to come together and sort a proper international schedule out.”

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