Revealed: What Castleford Tigers’ new stadium will look like

Castleford Tigers have taken a giant step towards redeveloping their stadium alongside Axiom.

This comes as the club and Axiom both confirmed that British Highways have withdrawn their objections to the plans.

Furthermore, the local Highways – in this case being Wakefield – have also given their permission for the plans at Junction 32 and Wheldon Road to go ahead.

Now a date is set to be made where the plans can be considered. One minor problem is the persisting opposition from the Environmental Agency over flooding concerns.

If planning is approved, the £200 million Axiom Yorkshire proposals will provide £12.2 million of funding towards major upgrades at Wheldon Road. Alongside this, there will be £15 million of highways improvements to the Junction 32 roundabout. This will come alongside new employment, logistics and manufacturing floorspace which will only create jobs for local people.

When complete, the Axiom site will deliver around 1,830 permanent full-time jobs in Castleford. On top of this there will be a further 365 jobs created within the Wakefield Council area.

It is estimated that approximately 1,500 construction jobs will be created per annum during the works at both Wheldon Road and the Axiom employment site. Overall, it is anticipated that the Axiom proposals will generate around £142 million of local economic activity when fully operational.

But what could this mean for the aesthetic of the Jungle especially now that IMG have such an important role in determining Super League status.

Castleford initially missed out on the top 12 spots in IMG’s rankings but have appealed this decision due to an error made.

That being said, a new stadium could make that error inconsequential and cement their Super League standing moving forward.

So, with that in mind, how will the stadium look if and when this work is complete.

The Tigers have released the following images of how the stadium could look if planning is approved.

The Tigers revealed this pitch side image demonstrating how the redeveloped stadium will echo the appearance of the current Jungle and maintain a traditional rugby stadium look with fans close to the pitch.

The Tigers also revealed this stunning image of what the outside of the stadium would look like:

The modern exterior is well demonstrated here as well: