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“I think they are terribly poor” – Powell says standard of refereeing not good enough

Castleford head coach Daryl Powell says the current standard of refereeing in Super League must improve.

Speaking after his team’s 31-19 defeat to Huddersfield Giants, the Tigers boss was not shy in airing his opinions on the officials and their lack of consistency.

“We have not had a fair crack at the officials since lockdown to be honest,” said Powell.

“I thought there were some ridiculous things out there tonight that just do not get picked up. They need to improve.

“I am asking my team to improve and I am looking to improve, why shouldn’t we ask those boys to improve?

“They are not good enough at the moment.”

Powell also revealed that he has been in contact with the RFL’s head of referees about the lack of action taken against players during the game.

Recent weeks has seen a number of hefty suspensions handed out to players by the RFL’s disciplinary panel, but only after escaping any form of real punishment in the match itself.

“I have had a few conversations with Steve Ganson,” said Powell. “Going back to the Warrington game when Danny Richardson’s try was disallowed and the St Helens game where Danny was put on his backside ten times under kick pressure.

“Then there is illegal challenges. How many squirrel grips, headbutts are you going to take before you start going ‘we are not having this anymore!’

“I think it is a constant frustration that nothing gets done on the field of play but you get five, six or even eight matches suspended and we do not see any benefit from that.

“I think those boys (the officials) have to improve significantly and I am asking my team to improve, but why shouldn’t they be better?

“I think they are terribly poor. They have to improve, simple as.”

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